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Political and Governmental Affairs

Political & Governmental Affairs

With decades of expertise and a vast network of contacts, our lobbyists are equipped to handle a broad range of political and governmental challenges at all levels of both the Legislative and the Executive branches of Texas government.


By understanding that effective political strategies begin during the election cycle, and not the beginning of the legislative session, nor agency rule making, we are poised to assist our clients in navigating the ever-changing political and governmental landscape. Our team will help analyze political races, determine which candidates share our clients' values, and implement a strategy for mutual success.


Whether it is by passing legislation, preventing legislation from passage or by impacting agency rules, regulations and policies, we will execute a full-court press of services to help you achieve your goals, including grassroots outreach, polling, and messaging.

Digital Media

Crisis Communications & Digital Media

In today’s world of instantaneous news, a unified and proactive plan is essential for any public affairs strategy to succeed. By utilizing digital media, we can influence public opinion, resonate with decision makers, shape successful alliances, and motivate action. Whether the objective is to generate support for a piece of legislation, a ballot initiative, or an executive policy action, we have the keen understanding to raise awareness across a multitude of platforms.

Administrative Consultng/Public Policy Strategies

Strategic Solutions & Coalition Management

An effective legislative strategy not only hinges on being active within the Legislature during Session, but also fostering an organized effort year-round to unify like-minded parties. These efforts usually take shape in the form of marketing and communication campaigns or building associations and grassroots coalitions, all of which take considerable time and effort to execute effectively. Axis Strategies recognizes not every business has the in-house resources nor expertise to implement these efforts which is why we are proud to offer Administrative Management services to help our clients achieve their public policy goals. 

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